Couch Potato Olympics

This is the web page which will track the standings in the ongoing Couch Potato Olympics challenge. 

Compete against other JCFFL league members in a variety of fantasy sports games and other goofball challenges

That howling little demon from the Lucky Charms breakfast cereal represents the Lucky Bastard, the mascot for the current leader in the CPO. 


The Couch Potato Olympics competition is all about bragging rights.  Through the CPO, we can keep track of everyone's overall performance in all of our fantasy leagues combined.  The overall champion fantasy player is known as the Lucky Bastard.
This could spice up some of our leagues with a runaway winner by making those battles for 4th place more interesting.

What Qualifies

Anyone can nominate an event for the Couch Potato Olympics.  If four people want to do it, it's in.

CPO Season

The CPO "season" ends after the college bowl games in January.  The Lucky Bastard Award is given at that time.
The second week of January is a good time to end the Couch Potato season, since it signifies the end of the holiday season and the football season. Thus begins a time when we supposedly all begin to get up off of our couch potato asses and go do something.


First place in each league = a number of points equal to however many teams are in that league.
Last place = 1 point

The scoring will run over a rolling one year period.  For instance, after March Madness is over, drop the scores from last year's March Madness. 

For football, the two teams in the JCFFL Super Bowl will earn first and second place Couch Potato points, and the two teams in the Toilet Bowl will earn last and next-to-last place CPO points.  All other teams will earn CPO points based on the standings.

For other leagues with playoffs, CPO points will be granted on final playoff position, regardless of how the regular season went.

The person who has the honor of being the best of us at all fantasy leagues combined gets to have the Lucky Bastard Award icon on his JCFFL team page.  


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Player points APR July SEP NOV DEC DEC JAN
    2010 2010 2010 2009 2009 2009 2010
Casaletto 60 2 7 8 14 11 9 9
Geaslen 54 13 5 6 5 9 12 4
Young 49 12 1 7 11 2 10 6
Guitano 44 5 2 2 10 7 11 7
Neff 42 11 6 3 9 4 7 2
Beury 40 7 X 4 13 1 5 10
R. Brake 31 4 X X X 10 6 11
B. Brake 30 9 X 1 9 X 3 8
Tayoun 28 x 5 5 12 5 1 x
Darrow 25 x X X 9 3 8 5
Rumpz 24 x X X 5 12 4 3
Henson 9 x X X X 6 2 1
Archer 5 2 3 X X